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Change is Underway!

While the world has been under lockdown, work at POW Translations has carried on, albeit with a slightly altered method! Fortunately we are used to working remotely, but we miss our in-person meetings. Our team has taken advantage of this time to think about and discuss where we want to see our company in the future. With a number of exciting new projects in the works, we felt we should start with a new website to showcase our growing directions! We are expanding our life sciences division to offer a wider range of services, while branching out and creating new divisions in marketing and communications, energy and resources and legal domains. Another of our changes was to add a touch of colour to our logo (shout out for Minion Yellow!) to signify optimism for the post-COVID future. Both our piece of the world and the world in general are going to undergo many new changes in the coming months and years and we are hopeful that these changes will lead to something better for us all.